Saturday, January 18, 2014

Resolutions - Make them ? Keep them?

New Years Resolutions?  Do you make them?  Do you keep them? 
I managed to make some changes in 2013 and keep them.  I resolved to eat healthier and I did.  I resolved to teach my family better habits and I did.  It's not always worked out for me to make resolutions.  My 2014 resolution is to improve (raise from the dead) my spiritual walk and journey with God's word. 
I accepted an offer to review a book without even a second thought.  To date, Beth Moore has never le me down in her written words.  I trust her to always bring me to the throne with truth.  I've done many Bible studies of hers and I've gone to numerous conferences.  I actually attended a conference prior to the LPL events.  I knew God had an anointing on her life and I was drawn to her teaching like I've never been before of any author/speaker.  What I love is that she always always requires us to be in God's word.  She always encourages us to open our Bibles and to read the written word from our Bibles.  Turn those pages.  She encourages us to learn scripture.  She leads by example.  Never in a do as I say method. 

Whispers of Hope, 10 weeks of Devotional Prayer, by Beth Moore. 

In Whispers of Hope you find seventy daily devotionals - each complete with a Bible reading passage, a Scripture f the day and thoughts for the day. Beth offers a daily prayer guide to encourage us to pray in the format of the  PRAISE acronym.  If you are like me - you look at a blank page and often have no clue where to start when journaling your prayers.  She gives people like me a guideline that helps keep me focused.  I am one that needs accountability and also structure.  This is my answer.  Whether I start my day (as Beth always suggests) or end my day with this wonderful guideline and devotion I can't lose.  God's word, encouraging words from Beth Moore and quiet time writing down my prayers is a plan sure to get me back on track with spiritual growth in 2014. 
If you have not gotten a copy of  this devotional I suggest you look into it.  Lets commit to being in God's word this year and keep one another accountable. 
Day 1 - In the Beginning.  God is creative and He is orderly.  Let's be creative and orderly this year with our Bible study. 
Won't you join me?
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