Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rag Wreath

I've been looking at these rag wreaths since last fall!  It only took me a full year to decide that I really wanted to make one.  I had the fabric bought and well....... bought.  That was as far as I got.  Til now.  I decided that I wanted to make one and well I did.  About two hours of cutting and tying ribbon onto the wreath and it was finished.  Complete!  I love the colors and am very pleased with the outcome!. 

This is what I started with (actually - it's what my next wreath will start with).  Since - well - I didn't take the before or during pics. (as usual).  I took before pic of my next wreath!

Scissors, fabric and wire wreath!  How simple is that?  I saw these wreaths all over blogland and Pinterest.  No clue where I saw it first or I would gladly give them credit.  I should give all of the credit to Pinterest.  It is that awesome (time consuming wildly addicting) website that makes me think I am crafty!  It just looks to wonderful and makes you think you can do all things Pinterest!  Anyway, it was easy and I think it's cute - so that's what matters most!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dining Table makeover

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A certain table and chairs were stored for a couple years without any attention.  The purchase of a new home brought about many projects and this table and chairs was one of them. 

Naturally I have zero before pictures to share - some work in progress but zero before.  I have really good intentions about blogging about make-over projects.  As it happens, somewhere down the line I forget to take pictures.  I forget either before, after or during!  Get the picture?  haha

Here are a few in progress pics. 

We removed the vaneer top from the table since it had dry rotted and was not usable.  Did some serious sanding and then put on stain and poly.  That was all for the top. 

We merely painted, glazed and distressed the two pedestal's. 

We then did the same thing for the chairs.  (aside from recovering the seats) 

The best part of this project was the  cost. I had a gallon of mis-tinted paint on hand.  We had the stain from previous projects as well as the poly.  The seats were covered with a drop cloth that cost around $10.00.  So - the project was a $10.00 project and Ashley adores her new furniture.  The picture at the top is the finished project sitting in her dining area.  She had a small space so we left out the leaf.  This fits perfect with her new home. 

This is one of my favorite projects to date.  We have actually done several - that I have neglected to post to the blog.  Those are forthcoming!  They really are :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brenden's buddies turn 3

This summer we enjoyed celebrating the 3rd birthday of some special friends.

Is this the cutest cake or what?

Alex is wondering if he gets a turn on "his" new tricycle! 

What a special day for these two best buddies.  Celebrating their birthdays together.  Alex has an awesome story.  If you want to read more about him - check out his family's blog right here

Our little guy had the best time playing on the playground.  He didn't have much time for socializing or eating. 

Couldn't you just eat up that sweet face ?? 

We sure are crazy for him. 

Alas, he scored a turn on the bike.  Can you see one in his future?  Yes - probably so!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How Fitness Helps Cancer Survivors by David Haas (Guest Post)

David Haas is a cancer patient advocate who believes in helping people who are going through treatments and in remission. He believes in the subject of fitness because of the extensive research he has seen and the first hand knowledge that fitness and a healthy body can create a better lifestyle. He wrote this article that I am sharing today on the blog.  His blog is  Check it out when you can. 

How Fitness Helps Cancer Survivors

People diagnosed with cancer often undergo many treatments, but fitness is one treatment often overlooked. Recent studies consistently show that high fitness levels result in a smaller risk of cancer recurring and even a longer survival after being diagnosed.

The problem is most research indicates that people become less active because the diagnosis causes higher levels of stress, depression or fatigue. It is a common belief that the best thing to do after a cancer diagnosis is to relax and get plenty of rest. However, most medical experts warn against this advice. If possible, a person diagnosed should start a moderate fitness program that is best for them and their type of cancer. Fitness has been proven to have significant benefits for cancer survivors, such as improving mood, increasing self-confidence, increasing energy levels, and may increase life expectancy. In addition, it also leads to increased muscle strength and less body mass.

According to WebMD, three types of exercises are specifically recommended for cancer survivors. Flexibility exercises are the first type, and this type of exercise is important because stretching will keep the body moving and mobile. Aerobic exercise is the second type highly recommended for cancer survivors. This involves several activities, such as walking, jogging, etc. Aerobic exercise is beneficial because it results in lots of calories being burned. In addition, it boosts cardiovascular health, which in turn means a lower risk for heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. Resistance training, such as lifting weights, is the third type and also is important because it helps build muscle and get rid of fat gained through cancer treatment.

The best types of exercise can vary, depending on the type of cancer a person is diagnosed with. For example, people diagnosed with rare aggressive diseases like mesothelioma that is triggered from asbestos exposure often have trouble breathing, so exercise can become extremely difficult. In spite of this difficulty, medical experts still strongly recommend fitness as a key aspect of mesothelioma treatment because regain energy to fight the negative effects of the medicine associated with treatments and increase appetite. Fitness levels will not only vary from person to person but also varies with what cancer a person has been diagnosed with. Someone who has been diagnosed with skin cancer will definitely be able to perform more normal activities than someone diagnosed with prostate cancer and so on.

Exercise will not cure your cancer, but it can have a very positive effect on your ability to fight the cancer. It must be noted that some people diagnosed with cancer are simply too exhausted for fitness. In this case, medical experts suggest a short period of rest before beginning a gradual, slow return to fitness. Cancer survivors should always consult with a doctor before beginning any fitness program.

By: David Haas