Friday, June 17, 2011

Reading Reading Reading - It's a boy's life!

This is super duper short notice - but hey I'm all about flying by the seat of my pants.  Today is the deadline to sign up - but hey - maybe someone will benefit from this post just I hope my son will.

We are going to take the challenge to read and chart my son's progress.  If anyone knows my man child - you know he LOVES to read.  He is all about going to the library.  (Daily if possible)  So we are going to link up over at Literacy Toolbox and chart his progress.  He made the AR 500 point club in two years and is already a member a couple times over in the Million word club. 

Here goes.... come join us.  Not sure what our goal is - but I'm thinking in June he's already read more than 10 books - so we will keep that in balance by saying 5 so that he can read chapter books and Encyclopedia type books (lots of pictures but lots of good information). 

Here's our bookworm "bridging over" from Webelos to Boy Scouts.

And this would be hog heaven for him....

He has his own private library and now his own private Librarian (his sister). 

He does love books. 

Now - if I can only find the time to enjoy my new Kindle with my many free books loaded to it.  Owen loves to read and go to the library so I don't think a Kindle is in his future yet.  I loves to watch his progress in reading a very long book by measuring the pages.  So - we'll see if I can get back on schedule myself with some good books. 

Enjoy - and link up with us. 

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