Thursday, April 7, 2011

Swinging - Sweet Summertime (Review)

The weather, as unpredictable as it is, has warmed up and it's time to hit the yard for some great outdoor activities.  One of the favorites for me and most everyone I know is swinging.  Whether on a front porch swing or  underneath a great shade tree, it's a great past time.  When I was growing up it was swinging on a great big tire swing hanging from an old oak tree.  If the truth be told it was not really THAT big - but to a little girl it was huge.  The fact that the tire held water after a rain or turned our legs black didn't matter a bit - we just went on about our business of swinging.  Swinging holds some great and not so great memories for me. 

One swinging adventure landed me in the emergency room for some stitches along the back of my head.  As fun as swinging high was, it was not wise to swing  high in a stationary swing.  That baby would turned over with me in it.  Hard lesson learned :)

Our children have the great pleasure to hit the yard and swing from nice wooden swing sets. Unlike the swing sets of old - these things have play houses and great big slides and all sorts of fun things  built right on them.  What a step up from the tire :)

If you are in the market for a new wooden swing set or trampoline or even a play tent then you need to head on over to CSN stores and see the great selection they have to offer.  They have many different stores and thousands of things that ship free.  I truly enjoyed my shopping experience with them during Christmas and know you will to. 

So - let's get outside and enjoy the weather before it gets too hot. 

What are some fun things you are up to?


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