Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

What an awesome  Easter weekend!  I hope you celebrated the Resurrection with family and loved ones like I did. I loved reading all of the inspirational tweets on Friday and then again on Sunday.  It really kept my mind focused on what the weekend was all about.  I learned on Sunday that I am not too old to learn a few things teaching 6th graders in Sunday School.  The scavenger hunt for the lesson proved to be a fun and educational experience.  You had to find the questions in the room and then find the answers in your Bible. They were not simply included in the lesson overview.  We had to get into God's Word to find the answers.  Being a little arrogant - I assumed that I would instantly know all of the answers.  Hmmm  that was not the case.  There is so much to learn in God's Word and so often I fail to look for the hidden treasures that lie in His Word.  I was reminded how important it is to read God's Word for a fresh lesson.  We also made Resurrection rolls with the class.  That is a great way to show a visual story of the death, burial and Resurrection.  Great kids - great class. 

Our church service started out with a father baptizing his daughter.  What a beautiful picture on Easter Sunday.  We also experienced the Lord's Supper and some awesome worship music led by some beautiful voices praising God.  It is fantastic to belong to a church body that loves Jesus and serves Him faithfully.

On the home front, it was a weekend full of family and fun.  Way too much eating, but boy was it ever good.  Spenser cooked some awesome Ziti for us on Saturday night and Mike cooked up some finger licking good baby back ribs on Sunday.  We could have fed an army with the spread but alas it was only us and that was ok.  We enjoyed every minute of the day to the fullest.  We enjoyed our first homemade ice cream of the year and some strawberry refrigerator cake to make certain we were completely stuffed! 

We had a couple of "firsts" as well.  Our little guy got his first haircut on Friday. 

He was not really impressed - but he made it and his little wings are now gone and he has a precious little boy hair cut.  Growing up too fast. 

He also hunted for a few eggs so that he could enjoy the treasures within.  He does love M&M's. 

He hunted like a champ. 

The bigger kids enjoyed dying the eggs.  Always a favorite of mine.  My mom would always dye eggs even if she was alone and had no one to help out.  I foresee that in my future.  I love watching and dying. 

We had some super cute veggie tales egg wrappers.  I was quite surprised with my nieces asked "what are those".  Ok Sheena - you must expand the kids horizons!  Love the egg wrappers too. 

I love Easter! 

Love you guys,

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