Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat Your Peas Daughter by Cheryl and mom Karpen (A Review)

What a treasure filled little book.  The heading says a 3-minute forever book.  Place no emphasis on the 3 minute part.  There were certainly sentiments in this book that are forever sentiments. The book is a book of promises from a mom to her daughter.   I thought that I would pass this book on to one of my daughters after I read it.  That was the point in choosing this particular book.  After I read through the book - I longed for my own mom.  I mean ached for her.   My mom lived out  these very words "If you ever need someone to talk to (really talk to), someone who will listen (really listen) to your worries, your joys, and your dreams...I promise to stop what I'm doing, give you my undivided attention, open my heart and listen."  It game me reason to ponder - to really think about how often I have NOT lived out that sentiment.  What a treasure this little book is. 

The scripture reference of Psalm 127:3 "Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward form him" was so fitting for this book.  It is certainly more than a 3 minute read.  It is a forever lesson in the love of daughters by their moms.  I am so glad my mom loved me this way. 

I think this book will make an awesome gift on very special occasions. 

I certainly recommend you check it out if you want to encourage your daughter or give her a special gift. 

BookSneeze has provided me with a complimentary book in exchange for my honest review.    Any review is my own opinion whether good or bad.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Disney 2011

His Dream makes lots of dreams come true!

We made the long 14 hour drive to Disney last week and this is the face that tells it all..

He was truly in "Mickey" Heaven all week long.  I never dreamed that a toddler could love Disney World as much as he did. 

The big kids loved Mickey and Minnie also - but not nearly as much as they loved doing things such as this....

That thing was as wicked as it looked!  Believe me - I know (twice). 

We all got into the Mickey mode at one point or another...

It was a magical week and one that we are sure not to forget. And yes - Memories were certainly made there for this family. 

A special time with some special people :)