Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pray like Epaphras - 30 days of Giving Week 2 Recap

30-Day Giving Challenge

There appears to be a pattern so far with my giving challenge.  God is doing a work in me.  I have submitted to The Will of God in my giving this past week and He has placed people and requests in my path.  Unlike week 1 - I had no set goal for the week.  I decided to "wing it" with God.  He is faithful and He gave me many opportunities to be used by Him for His Kingdom.  The scripture that best describes the week is Colossians 4:12 (NKJ Version) 12 Epaphras, who is one of you, a bondservant of Christ, greets you, always laboring fervently for you in prayers, that you may stand perfect and complete[fully assured] in all the will of God.

I am absolutely Not comparing myself to Epaphras.  It is Epaphras that I long to be like.  I desire to labor fervently in prayer for you.  All of you.  Those of you that read and those that don't.  Prayer Warrior is a legacy that my mom left and one that I truly desire to carry on.  Several days this past week I was called upon to pray for specific people or circumstances.  Monday found me sitting at the hospital all day with my husband.  He battled a kidney stone for 10 days.  My job Monday was to be with him and help to meet his needs.  But more importantly it was to pray.  God was faithful and gave him healing.  Before a procedure was required the stone moved and he was able to go home from the hospital.  God gets all the glory for that situation.  It appeared that after 9 days it would not move on its own and it didn't.  I believe that God moved that stone.  Earlier that day I stopped (for the second time) to purchase breakfast for my office.  Once again I was told that the item I was wanting was out.  Seriously?  Two weeks - two attempts and still no mini blueberry biscuits.  I was able to purchase something and prior to leaving to take my husband to the hospital I left breakfast for my boss.  Tuesday and Wednesday were dedicated to praying with and  for a dear family member.  Satan has spent much time creating stress in her life recently.  She is a threat to him because she was preparing for a mission trip.  The legal woes were difficult to deal with prior to such a trip but God gave her the strength to endure and she was able to leave on her trip to minister to and bless others.  We will continue to pray without ceasing that God will soften the heart of a Judge and she will not be forced to suffer financially due to the selfishness of others. 

Other things that were part of my week of giving included leaving drinks for the Sanitation workers and sending treats home with my 2 year old class members. Two days I felt pretty defeated because I had not been given the opportunity to do anything tangible and then a box appears.  My local grocery story has a large box in the front to give to local organizations through 4-H.  These items are used for group homes for battered women and homeless children.  It was an honor to be able to donate. 

Saturday and Sunday were extremely difficult days emotionally.  I want to gift others with my moms clothes and shoes.  She had quite the collection and some very very nice things.  She loved clothes, shoes and jewelry and since she didn't get out very much - she shopped through catalogs.  Some ladies expressed an interest in receiving some of  her things and so that is what transpired during those two days.  It was a task that drained me emotionally.  I miss my mom like crazy and could envision her in each of the outfits I pulled out.  While sorting things I came across a small bag that had some boxes in it.  They were some of my dad's medals.  A Medal of Honor and  a Bronze Star Medal along with his pin that had been on his uniform.  The other item was his wallet.  Completely undisturbed from the last time he carried it.  What a blessing it was to come across those things and to be able to weap over the loss but celebrate the reunion they are enjoying.

My goal was to give and my gifts have been so many.  God is showing me that He blesses every act of giving not those of the highest monetery value.  My struggles with the desire to give more and becoming so clear.  He simply wants me to give freely and obediently.  I see things now that I was missing.  I look for opportunities to give - and I don't mean financially. I have been given many opportunities to pray for others and to lend a shoulder or to just listen to someone.  I have a long way to go but am so thankful that we can look back in scripture and see those like Epaphras that had such a desire to pray that he labored - and labored fervently.  Not for himself - but for others.

Let us desire to have a heart to pray like Epaphrus.

Love you all,

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