Friday, October 8, 2010

Sweet talented blogger and a Breast Cancer Survivors giveaway

I love to blog hop.  More particularly I love oohing and aahing over the talents of the women that write the blogs I read.  I have learned much in the short time I've been blogging.  Recently one of the bloggers wrote a post about giving away something to Breast Cancer Survivors.  I was reluctant at first to respond because I'm weird like that.  But I did and am glad that I did.  Jan over  here wants to bless those that are Survivors.  She sent me a very sweet note after I responded and it really made my day.  You never know when your kind words are needed by someone. 

She gave me permission to let my readers know about the giveaway so that she could gift them also.  You can go over to her blog here and see her lovely handiwork (in the right column) and then send her an email so that she can bless you with a pin. 

Thanks Jan for being a blessing to others.  I love looking at your handiwork on your blog and am honored to have you as a follower.

Don't let all of the pink in the month of October be in vain.  Get those mammies grammied!

Love you all,


Ginny Marie said...

Thanks for the link! I have an appt. with my oncologist in a couple of weeks, and then I'll go for my annual mammogram. After 14 years, I still get nervous!

SurvivorDiane said...

I understand Ginny - it never gets easy. I can put things aside and not even thing about them - then its mammo lab work time and the memories come flooding back. Maybe one day..........

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about Jan's beautiful breast cancer awareness pins!