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30 Day Giving Challenge

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today is my birthday!  And I have been reminded over and over how blessed I am.  I am blessed to be a wife and mom.  I am blessed to have many many friends that I cherish.  Most importantly is that I am blessed to have been introduced to my Savior by someone special many years ago.  The relationship I have with Jesus is the most important relationship I have.  He loves me more than anyone has or ever will.  I am blessed and I am loved well.

I decided a couple weeks ago that I would sign up and commit to a challenge during the month of November.  This is usually the time of year that I get in panic mode.  I LOVE to give gifts at Christmas.  I LOVE to make certain that everyone has a wonderful Christmas.  Because I LOVE to give those gifts I get rather stressed out for more than one reason.  First - the funding of every one's desires.  It gets costly to try to make certain everyone has a very nice Christmas. I always start out with a set budget and soon that is blown and I get defeated and then spend away.    Second - picking out and finding everything that everyone wants.  I put a lot of thought into the gifts that I give.  I really want them to be special and give with a purpose. 

This year I want to do things a little different.  I want to have a very frugal Christmas.  I want to bless everyone with gifts yet I want to do it with minimal cost.  So rather than stressing right now I am at peace.  I am not rushed to plan my list.  I am praying and pondering what I will spend and what I will give.  I want to honor God with my giving this year.

All of that to bring you to the place I am today.  Awaiting November.  The challenge that signed up for can be found here.  I want to spend all of November giving.  I have many things listed that I plan to do but none set in stone.  I want to be able to follow God's lead in giving.  You can go to the 30 Days of Giving Community by going here or clicking on the Blogfrog Community in my left bar.  The host and creator of this wonderful idea blogs at  Her desire is to honor God with her finances and help others along the way.  She is an inspiration and does her job well. 

Recently I wrote this post about how to study scripture and God spoke this verse to me:  I John 3:17 But whoever has this world's goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in Him?  We have lots and lots of brothers and sisters in need.  The needs are all very different.  I believe that we can make a difference when we step up to the plate and do our part.  Our church once had a pledge drive for our building fund and it was entitled "Equal Sacrifice - Not Equal Gifts".  That is so fitting in all of our giving efforts whether it is about money or time.  So often, we assume that giving must be financial when in fact to some giving financially is far from a sacrifice.  For me - giving of more time is going to be a huge sacrifice.  I don't have free time often.  Quite the opposite.  My house is cluttered and dusty.  My car is dirty and cluttered.  My healthy meal planning is a zero.  We, as a family, are pretty stretched out.  One thing I know is that if we trust God to make a way - then He will make a way.  He is in the small stuff and He IS the big stuff.  He will provide financially what is needed to complete this challenge and He will open the doors to find the time that is needed. 

I pray today that some of my friends will take this challenge with me.  Make giving a priority this November.  After all - we spend lots of time being thankful during the Thanksgiving season - why not spend lots of time giving.  It's a two part word.  Let's do both.  When we give - we will make many people thankful and that will bless our hearts more than anything.  We already have so much to be thankful for - lets share the blessings with others. 

I have a few things that are near and dear to me right now and I would love to offer them to you for consideration.  You may feel led to help them out also or you may know of someone else that would feel passionate about giving to these worthy causes.  I am listing them in No order.  Only in order of what is easiest for me to link to and write about.  I thank you in advance for praying for all of them and for considering what you can do. 

To my local friends and family and to those that just feel led;  our church has a debt retirement (better known as need to pay off the building) that needs funds.  We need to get passionate about paying off that.  We enjoy it and serve along side one another in it - let's remember to be thankful for it this month.  Honor your friends or our staff with a gift to the building fund. 

Grace Bible Church in Virginia Beach, Va has this posted on their website:  "Live for something bigger than yourself.  Find life in giving yours away.  Serve the world."  Wow!  What if we all had that attitude?      They are going on mission trip to Nicaragua in November and could use some help with funding some of the missionaries they are taking.  My sweet cousin is one of those missionaries and I would be honored if you helped out in some way (large or small).  She loves the Lord and is getting out of her comfort zone by going on this trip. Whether or not you can give financially - Please Please pray for her and their team.  Give some extra prayers to them during this trip. If you feel led to give their address is:  2961 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Andrea Lambie- Nicaragua mission.

A local couple are raising funds for their adoption of a little girl from Peru.  She blogs about that journey here.  God is blessing them with their efforts but they have a long way to go financially.  They know that God will meet their needs.  I know lots of you guys have a heart for orphans and could help meet their  needs.  Please visit her blog and if you need some Christmas presents - she has an Etsy shop that is up to help fund their adoption.  You can check it out right here.   They will truly be blessed and grateful for your support.

If you want to have your soul truly stirred then go over and read about The Mercy House.  Kristen from here and her husband felt the call from God to open a Maternity Home in Kenya.  I can't do it justice in writing about it but she does and you need to head on over to her website and get familiar with The Mercy House.  There are many opportunities to be involved from donating to or buying from their Etsy shop to giving $3 on the 3rd of each month to being a monthly supporter of $25.00. 

I know that I could write a list for days about needs that need to be met.  But I will stop for now.  Please join me in committing to give this November.  Follow along with the other ladies as they share what God is leading them to give.  Let's have equal sacrifice and see what God does with our efforts.  I love and appreciate you guys. 

30-Day Giving Challenge

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