Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Refreshed Furniture and a grown up girl!

Our little girl (sweet barney loving thing) wanted some new big girl stuff - so we turned her boring white wicker into some bright fun things.  She has put away all things "princess" (or most) and has become a young woman.  Seriously - she was just turning one and her daddy making her learn to walk.  We went to sleep and she was in College.  It's like a soap opera - fast forward aging.  Anyway - this post is about her furniture - so I'll get back to the power of spray paint!

She had lots and lots of pink and white! So - change it is - No pink and No white. I am all about easy - so here are some poor quality images of her transformation to Young woman through spray painted furniture.

Those are the just started and during pics of the project. Then we moved her into her new grown-up apartment and I forgot to take my camera to get pics - but the trusty old IPhone works just fine in a pinch.

And here are her items placed in their new home with their new color. Sorry the quality is bad!

Where oh where does the time go? My baby girl is all grown up and that is a reality. Not just grown up furniture but a beautiful young woman inside and out with some refreshed furniture.

Love all my babies and I love you guys too!


I'm going to head over and link up to some fun parties.  Come check them out.

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