Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New adventures with old stuff

I am working on a new adventure with some sweet friends and I am naturally obsessed and want to spend all of my time playing. I've always loved to pretend to be "crafty". Once upon a time I loved to cross stitch. Then I turned to appliques and sewing. I gave scrapbooking a try for about two mintues. I decided that I would put together Senior year scrapbooks for the girls and well - they decided they wanted to - so I just made the purchases and they scrapped! My friend, Deborah, brought her sewing machine to my house one saturday and we began making purses. As is usually the case, I got bored with that also.

Recently four of us rented a booth in a downtown market. We have all of these ideas racing through our heads and are gathering stuff like crazy to be creative. Hmmmmmm - it takes lots of time for this little venture and we have full time jobs. So our great plans and ideas are very slowly coming to life. Hopefully, we will get things rolling and have a booth full of wonderful crafy finds that will be of interest to others.

Naturally there is a however, or some sort of but! I have made some things that I like and want to keep. And then Ashley likes other stuff and wants it and then there are the things I am making for Spenser. You get the picture. Not sure how I will ever make and sell anything!

I've managed to get one thing painted and taken to our little booth. This was my first attempt at lamp shade covering. The key for me is to make something that won't go with any of my decor! I'm sure I can find a place for this little lamp - but for now - it's in the booth!

Thanks to my husband for helping me get my shade patterns cut out.  Some days my little mind is all blank!

Our booth is looking up - the pictures below are from our  work day -adding a little fresh paint to the walls and shelves.  New life to an old room.   

Look it this little helper. 

So far - it's been fun and keeps my mind busy. It's been a great diversion to the hand that life dealt us recently. So - if you are downtown Natchez, stop by and look around. There are some super creative chicks renting spaces and some others with some great bargains from their treasures.

What have you been up to lately?  New adventures with old stuff  - the theme for my life right now.  Still not sure what adventure God is planning - but He's preparing all the same. 

Love you guys,

While you are here - go take a look at what these talented ladies are up to.


works for me wednesday at we are that family


Shawn said...

Great job on the lamp shade covering! Did you say you painted it or is that fabric?

SurvivorDiane said...

Shawn - I painted the lamp and covered the shade with fabric.

Christina said...

Looks great!! I love black and white!

Visiting from It's so Very Cheri! :)