Monday, September 6, 2010

Brenden's a busy boy

Brenden has had a busy summer. He's finally mobile and that is fun yet keeps us on our toes. Took his first three steps at my house on Aug. 28. We acted as if it were Christmas morning when he made those little tiny steps. What else has he done - you asked?

He stayed "cool"

He ate some birthday cake.

He chilled!

Took his first horse ride.

Had his first ride through the car wash - and maybe his last!


He mastered his sippy cup!

He's just grown cuter by the days - we blinked and he was 11 months old. How does that happen?

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Julie Reynolds said...

Yes, they do grow up fast. Before you know it you'll be taking him to his first day of Kindergarten, then to his last year of High School, and Graduation. My oldest is a Senior in High School this year, and I'm wondering where the time went.