Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A tip and a Why? on Works for me Wednesday

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Before I started blogging I read lots of blogs and got lots of tips from these blogs. I loved (and still do) love the WFMW blog party because there are some super tips from some super bloggers! I love Kristen's blog. She loves The Lord and glorifies Him through her blog. She is real and I enjoy reading "real" blogs. So stop over at her blog at and get some awesome tips for what works for others. You will be blessed if you read through her blog.

What I need today is a tip on "why"? Why do my cotton shirts (nice colorful comfy summer t-shirts) always come out of the laundry with a spot on them. It looks like a grease spot. But, alas, I do not usually drop food on my shirts! I don't fry anything to get a spot and I have not recollection of getting a spot. ALWAYS, if I buy and brown shirt (and I do every summer since the previous one has a spot) it gets a spot immediately. I buy inexpensive ones fortunately, but I would still love for them to last more than one summer.

Any thoughts? Please share!

My "Works for me Wednesday" tip: Not original from me but not sure where I learned it!

Family clean up day. I make a list on Friday night of what will need to be done on our big cleaning day. This list is made available on Friday night so that they can plan accordingly. Usually it is large enough that each person will get 2 chores from the list. The rule is that the first person up on Saturday gets to choose the first chore and so on down the line. Get up early get the easiest two chores because you will finish the first chore and be back at the list before everyone else!

Works for Me!!

Love you guys.



Unknown said...

OH!!! I know the answer!! At least in my case, it was my fabric softener! I was using Downy, and it never failed to leave "grease spots" on my clothes. My friend just had the same problem, and she was using Downy as well. Hope it helps you!


SurvivorDiane said...

:( I use fabric sheets in the dryer - Wonder if that is the same culprit? Guess I should always hang to dry.

Thanks for the tip

The Halbert Home said...

Rub a little dishsoap on the spot and try washing it again. My husband had some spots on his shirt and it took them out with no problem.

Jackie said...

Try a waterless hand cleaner...I use orange "Goop" (You can find it in hardware or grocery stores). It works great on spots on laundry items. I also found that rubbed into a pillowcase before I wash it will remove hair oils and leaves a very nice orange scent. It also has lots of other uses.

SurvivorDiane said...

Thanks for the tips - will give them a try this weekend!

Amber said...

I have the same problem (especially with brown!) and don't know what in the world is causing it! It happens whether I use fabric softener or dryer sheets or neither one!
My theory is that someone in my family is getting something on their clothes (we have 2 boys, ages 3 and1) and the oil is coming out in the wash, rising to the top of the water, and then being deposited onto other clothes when the water drains out. I have no idea whether this is right... it's just my theory. Sometimes I have success with hand washing the item with the spot with Dawn.
Let us know what you find out!