Monday, August 9, 2010

Rambling and Ranting and Not Me!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Jennifer over at has her "Not Me Monday" up today. Two weeks ago I had some stuff I felt that I needed to expose. Alas, two weeks later I am clueless as to what it was that I wanted to write. Obviously I need to make better notes. Because you see I did make a couple notes - and now I can't decipher them. WHO would do such a thing? Not Me's on the loose obviously.

I've needed some venting for a couple weeks now and one of the reasons I need to vent is because I simply have not had the time to get anything accomplished. All well laid plans can be altered at a moments notice. I did discover that life will go on without you and it will go on if you miss a hard deadline. But who thinks that life would stop without them anyway - who's that vain? Not me!

Who would embarrass their family in such a way they contemplate leaving the restaurant or simply not sitting with you? At minimum they refuse to look your way. Who you ask? Not me! But - who allows their soccer team to sit inside a very crowded restaurant and chit chat at lots of large tables while customers were standing around not ordering due to no place to sit for lunch? Move-in weekend in a college town is not a time to be rude by sitting around the restaraunt no longer eating while others want to eat. Don't know the man's name but he knew we needed a place to sit after I coaxed my friend into asking him if they were ready to leave!! And when one lonely child continued to sit at this table that would seat all ten of us - I simply felt the need to keep her company so the other masses of customers would not get that idea first! She did move eventually - and I did get the Manager to clean "our" table while I was turning away other customers to what appeared to be an empty table for the getting.

Since I'm on a roll............I would fire masses of people that don't want their job and don't appreciate their customers. Unemployment would be on the serious high side if I were given charge of pink slips. I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat now wanting to hear more rants, rambles and Not Me!

Apartment Manager - first to be axed. No notice that our move in time will be hindered by the fact that the apartment is not cleaned, carpets not cleaned and appliances not working or not in the right space. Her excuse is that the crew of painters did not speak English and they didn't get finished by Tuesday as planned. HELLO - YOU DIDN'T DISCOVER THAT UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT???????????? Get off rump; check on painters - find someone who is bilungual (for crying out loud you live in a college town - someone took Spanish)and get them on schedule. You have a file of who is moving in and when.

Carpet cleaner second to go - GET OFF PHONE - CLEAN CARPET.

Maintenance Man - third to go - "fridge repaired" (after hubby dear had already checked it out and had it going) His version of repair was to turn off icemaker. Yes we did wait twenty four hours to see if it would make ice. Hubby dear discovered repair man unhooked ice maker - once again hooked it back up.

My appearance at her desk to "get things going" did win a discounted rate for the first month.

State Trooper - He actually would be my first to axe. Everyone won't agree with me - but people hear me out. We are traveling in my minivan with flashers trying to follow the ambulance which carries my mom who is not breathing. We do not know if we have a last opportunity to be with her or not. State trooper does u-turn to stop us and we are frantically pointing at ambulance. HE DOES NOT CARE - HE IS WITHIN A MILLIMETER OF OUR BUMPER. No kidding. We thought he was going to crash us to get us to stop. I am calling 911 to tell them to ask him to back off. Hubby eventually stops and he proceeds to yell at him chewing him out and tells us that we are NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE FAST EVEN IF WE ARE FOLLOWING AN AMBULANCE. Well my friends - "chuckie" appeared in the form of a redheaded mad woman. Between the yelling at the 911 dispatcher and the trooper - I may have really lost all sanity at that moment. Poor hubby was fishing for drivers license between me and Trooper. Trooper gave up and walked away - with a simple - be careful - did a uturn and went the other direction.

Hubby was not weaving in and out of traffic - driving fast but safe. Not even tailgating the ambulance - the situation was bad - but the trooper made it worse - he put us in much more danger that we or anyone else was in. His comment was that you can't drive over the speed limit. My dander is up again just thinking about it.

So moral to that story is you CANNOT drive over the speed limit for ANY reason - the flashers are only for parking on side of road waiting for help. There are no exceptions. Who wrote that rule?? NOT ME - AND SERIOUSLY NOT ME. I'm still mad (not angry - mad)

So - if you are still reading and want to read some good funny entertaining "not me" stories - go on over to her site and enjoy!

Love you all,


Bethany said...

haha! Great post!

Mommy2Four said...

I would be too! He didn't even offer you an escort or anything? I would seriously speak to his supervisor!