Monday, July 26, 2010

Perfect Parenting? No Way

Far from perfect parenting.

At our less than perfect home – the parents have been known to blow their cool when pressed over and over again;

and known to forget that school dismisses at 1:00 and get the message at 2:30 that my child is still hanging out in the school office;

and known to completely forget about a school program that I had all intentions of enjoying;

and known to get my dander up pretty high when I find that a bed has been used for an all purpose clean sweep. Pulling the same bed into the hallway so as to expose the clutter speaks volumes to two young girls when they come in from school;

I am the kind of mom known to march across the street to a neighbor who mistreated my child (adult neighbor).

I am one of those bad mothers that allows her child to eat pop tarts for breakfast or any other item located in the snack basket. I’m sure there are some of the food pyramid foods in them. (surely)

I am that mom who forgets her camera at very important events;

and that mean mom who requires her male child to take a bath each night and brush his teeth. (and girls too - they are just old enough to know better)

I am that mom who allows her children to study on their own. A less than perfect grade is awesome if I don’t have to study all night. This mom does NOT like homework.

So glad we are not called to be perfect parents! So glad mine were not perfect.