Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I love books. I love love love reading Christian fiction. I love authors like Karen Kingsbury and Beverly Lewis. I also love reading anything Beth Moore writes. This whole thing makes my mom laugh. During my school years she read lots and lots of books. Mostly books that I was supposed to be reading. Yep - I rarely read those books that I had to write a report on. I could get away with that as long as she could tell me all about it and I could write something relevant. There was only one teacher that called my bluff on that little method of laziness. Mr. Hathaway. Senior English or English IV whichever way you choose to refer to our last year of English in High School. That man loved books. I am relatively positive he read every book ever written. He was an awesome teacher and I loved him dearly. I even loved the fact that he required that I read a few books that year. I didn't like poor grades so I did what was required and I read my books. I would then stand before his desk and answer one or two relevant questions about the book - just enough to satisfy him that the book had actually been read by me! Voila - 100 was the grade. He did what other teachers never tried - he made certain that the student actually read the book. For you see - he only allowed us to read a book that he had already read and as I stated before, I'm not sure there was a book he had not read.

So - thank you Mr. Hathaway for requiring that I actually read. Although he is no longer with us in body - he is with us in spirit. The love of reading lives on in many lives that he touched.

My mom also gets a big thank you for introducing me to Christian Fiction. I have learned so much through those stories born from Godly women and men.

Recently blog hopping I saw a button like the one below.

I review for BookSneeze

I was curious so I hopped right on over to their site and filled out an application. My first book is already on its way. I am so very excited to participate in book reviewing on my blog. It's a win win all the way around. Free books to read and material for the blog. I won't always read fiction - I will read other things. There were some great books ready for reviews but I decided to start out with something I thought I could relate to easiest. Or better yet - I'll be perfectly honest - I read some of the titles and thought - "Oh my - deep stuff! Not sure I can handle that right now." Yep - I chickened out on the hard stuff and took the easy road for now.

Here's what I'll be reading.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Stay tuned..........

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