Monday, June 28, 2010


Wow - what a weekend. I stole away Friday morning for a much needed pedicure. I don't get one very often - but I needed some pampering. I got my haircut and a pedicure all in the same day. I felt rather special and was looking forward to a lazy weekend at home. HALT! - My cell phone rang while in the chair and it was my mom. That is always an alert since she usually only calls when there is an emergency. It was urgent - but not an emergency. My brother decided Thursday night that he wanted to get married Sunday afternoon. HELLO - It's Friday morning. Hmmm what is life without a challenge? So - phone calls were made - plans put into place and a wedding was had. Not nearly that easy - but it did happen. But not before Saturday morning brought panic. Mom could not get out of bed. BP was too low and she was dehydrated again. She thought she was gone. We put our knowledge from previous experiences to use and got her juiced up with some fluids - held the lasix and other heart meds and was able to get her out of bed on Sunday morning. In the mean time Spenser journeyed home to help clean and care for the little guy who arrived (a day early) on Wednesday night. Food was bought and prepared and a lunch was held after the wedding. It was small and private and super sweet. We were even serenaded by the bride's father and sister. They are full of talent and we truly enjoyed it.

(Mr. & Mrs. Malcom Bunch)

(Malcom, Linda & mom)

(good food)

Brenden enjoyed a new gadget. The mesh paci filled with watermelon was a favorite for him. He was a sloppy, sticky mess and pleased as punch with his watermelon. Good investment.

Spenser brought home her dog to gift to her dad. He is super talented (the dog). She apparently taught him to text. As you can see - he is quite good with the cell phone.

Time for bed and a long nights rest. Those have been few this past week, but with mom feeling better and Brenden back to his mom - I expect to get a much needed slumber tonight.

Love to all.


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