Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AND ANOTHER UPDATE - Only in Rural America!

If you are keeping up - this is the 3rd post about my bridge and the signs.


Driving home today I had to take yet another picture of the sign at my bridge. It gets better and better and even better. Are you ready??????????

1st update

I returned home one evening last week to this site:

This is the first sight of asphalt I've seen in years - really like 20 or more. No kidding - really. This happens to be in the area of road that will be closed when my bridge is officially closed. I am obviously baffled that they would choose this time to dump something other than gravel in my potholes. The paper says my bridge is being closed - so I wonder what purpose this serves????

Monday morning I get the call that the barracades are going up before and after the bridge. It is officially being closed. My question: "Are they concrete?" My daughter says "No - the man is at least 80 that is setting them up." Ok - I'm thinking I can slide that sucker right on over and drive around it - UNLESS they are really going to work on my bridge in which case I'll gladly take the enless detour to my home.

Tuesday morning - barracades gone - No trucks signs removed and the weight limit sign is taken down and replaced with the below picture. Don't scroll yet. Apparently they had the wrong bridge!!!!!!!!!!! There is an old culvert at the other end of my road that needs repair. Ahem Yes - WRONG BRIDGE! Barracades are now well beyond my house and I am able to come and go freely without breaking any laws regarding barracades. Good news is that I can't and don't think or else I would not be able to travel my road. NOW SCROLL DOWN!

Yes - that sign says "No thought traffic". Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh gotta love my rural life!


I live in rural America. A place where you can walk outside in your night clothes and not fear being seen. We choose to live here and we love our neck of the woods. Living here comes at a high cost. Any modern convenience offered in town costs double to get out in our area. Higher phone bills, Internet service, TV, water, and last but not least Property Taxes. My property taxes are paid annually and without fail. But - they are not paid without grumbling. I recently opened my newspaper to this article.

(Very sorry about the quality - after at least 9,999 attempts to edit this pic - I quit - and I never exaggerate)

So - the bridge leading to my home and the home of a dozen or so others is closed until further notice. SERIOUSLY. You can see with your own eyes. the second line says "no through traffic will be permitted". Curious if someone plans to camp out at our bridge and keep traffic away since it's not ACTUALLY closed. It is ONLY closed to those that don't travel our road daily. The rest of us are allowed to travel to and from our homes on this "closed bridge". What I gather is that my Supervisor (who happens to be mentioned in the ad) has no intentions of repairing our bridge. This is the point that boils my blood. I PAY PROPERTY TAXES PEOPLE! I PAY FOR THESE REPAIRS. Want to see my bridge - I thought so!

As you can see - they added a "no trucks" sign to our sign. WOW - I'm certain no through traffic will travel across our bridge now. Each and every day we cross this bridge we complain. The bump is not nearly as small as it appears. And the large sinking hole to the right makes me a little nervous.

Now to the road itself. I live one mile down this road. This is NOT a gravel road. This is supposed to be a paved road. See from pics? This is how my road is repaired. The pot holes get some gravel thrown in them. I'm not a Rocket Scientist but.........I do know that this is not a FIX. It does not repair my pot holes. Thought you may want to see the road also - so I obliged!

In this day of Stimulus Smorgasbord why is there no money to repair my road and bridge? Why do I pay property taxes for road and bridge repair? I took the opportunity to look up the job description of County Supervisors. Apparently I don't know where to look. Neither does my county have a website. But....another county in my fine state did have some information. These are copied from the site of Madison County.

"Many people think that road construction and maintenance are the only things supervisors do. It is a very important job to be responsible for hundreds of miles of local highways and roads. The board can also set traffic regulations for the county roads. But the board must look after many things in addition to roads."

First of all - I don't think that AT ALL.

"The power to tax and the power to appropriate and budget funds are the two most significant powers the board exercises. With these powers, the board decides which part of county government gets the largest slice of the "budget pie."

That deserves a resounding "duh". Since there is no money to repair bridges and roads they most certainly are deciding to spend my slice on something else. No clue what - but certainly NOT my road or bridge.

So - there you have it. If I disappear one day you'll know to look down the creek and see if I've floated away from the bridge collapsing.

Rural America - Gotta love it!


Unknown said...

you left off key facts.

the other end of the road, that before all of this nonsense started was just a random gravel road leading to the middle of nowhere, now has a nice new cold springs road sign, along with a no thought sign placed at the end. what's funny about this is that road leads you to technically NOWHERE since they closed down the other side.

Just saying. today when we head home, they may have both sides closed : )

Cristi said...

"No thought traffic" Seriously?????

SurvivorDiane said...

Oh so Serious!