Monday, June 7, 2010

I am a Ramblin woman

Not going to rant today. Mostly not going to rant because I have a really good rant post in the works. Just going to ramble a little bit.

I simply love facebook. I have connected with friends that I would never have gotten to without that avenue. I love my friends as if we never lost contact. The true beauty of real friendships is that you don't always have to be in touch to know you are loved and to know you love them. I love that I can read about their lives and see pictures of their families. Who knew?

I have some friends that need some prayers this week that can use some extra warriors if you can just join with us. God knows who they are and what their needs are. One deals with salvation of some friends - let's get these girls covered and let the Holy Spirit work.

Had my first fresh tomato today. OH MAN!!! It was fantastic! Hmm Hmmm Sorry if you haven't had one. I absolutely love summer time and fresh fruits and vegetables. And I had my first watermelon Sunday. Oh how I love watermelon also - as a matter of fact - think I'll go get me some.

Bad mommy of the year award today - made my son late for Bible School today because I was reading blogs. :(

I am really loving the blogs that are about money saving tips and craft blogs and cooking blogs and mommy blogs and faith based blogs and hmmm did I leave any out - oh yes - GIVEAWAY blogs. Woo hoo - Father's Day Bash is in full swing. I'll be an entering fool! Who knows maybe I'll actually win something.

Off to get me some watermelon! Love you guys.

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