Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rants and Rambles

Two things recently sent my blood boiling. I should title this - "Let's pray for the children of crazy moms!" But then I thought - oh people will automatically begin praying for my kids. Oh then hey - let me go ahead and say it "Let's pray for the children of crazy moms. My kids need all the prayers they can get.

Rant #1 - Driving to school I pass a young woman standing with a couple small children. She was great with child (at least 8 months) and holding the hand of one young child and another child stood near. My guess was waiting for the head start school bus. She was Smoking. Smoking - yes while pregnant - and holding the hand of a smile child. Oh yes - I was Not impressed. Not at all. My neck still hurts from the whiplash I suffered as I whipped my head around to see it she was really smoking while pregnant.

Rant #2 - Driving home to my country home - about 20 miles out of town - I was passed by a mid sized SUV. I always set my cruise in order to avoid a driving diploma. So - I am motoring along about 68 miles per hour in the right hand lane when said SUV passes me by. Low and behold this little petite young girl is standing in the backseat looking over at me. The SUV's speed is increasing more and more. Soon I can't see them. Yes - this vehicle was driving down the highway at a high rate of speed with a very young child standing in the backseat. NO CAR SEAT. Where are the Highway Patrol Officers when you need them most! Holy Cow - Someone please knock some sense in that mother. Seriously.

OK - enough of that.


Bought myself a few new shirts this week. Cheap little t-shirt type things. Comfortable inexpensive - plain. Proudly wearing one of my new little shirts - I pick my son up from school to these words.... "Mom - have you been in the hospital? Cause that shirt looks like a hospital gown shirt". Yep - thinking I need to re-think the shirt! Kids brutal honesty is so sweet.

Had writers block last night and today my brain is overflowing with things I want to write about. Got mad when I sat down and could not remember all the things I wanted to write about. I am so into this blog writing that I dream about it. Crazy - yes. But - I am really really loving it. If I can just remember all those things that pop in my mind at random times.

It's Teacher Appreciation Week. My guy took in a candy bar yesterday to his favorite teacher. Today he took flowers. We cooked grits casserole for their breakfast this morning. He loves his teachers and so do I. Cathedral has been a great school for Owen.

American Idol was not my favorite this week. Just not feeling the Frank Sinatra night. When I want to hear Frank Sinatra - I want to listen to him. Just don't see any current day Sinatra's. But - we watched. And we critiqued. This week I even voted. Just hate to see Casey voted off - but feel its inevitable.

Won a Mother's Day basket from a great blogger this week. How exciting is that??

Feeling blue about not exercising and eating right still. Must get busy with that.

You guys have a great day. Love you all.


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The Curry's said...

Your rants are my top 2 rants as well!! Drives me INSANE!!!