Sunday, April 25, 2010

The world of Brenden

The world of Brenden

In the world of Brenden, 4 a.m. is an excellent time to bond. He loves to look into your eyes and smile and jabber. A bottle is required some mornings and and just a little snuggle time others. I try hard not to make eye contact hoping he will instantly fall back asleep. This is new territory for this mommy. Ashley and Spenser both slept through the night at a very early age. I was very young and na├»ve when they were babies. God most certainly takes care of babies and fools. They survived and haven’t started therapy yet. Still time, but so far they have survived.

In the world of Brenden, a pacifier makes things all better. But that same pacifier must be located during the night quite frequently. One loud shrill and the pacifier is promptly located by a sleep walking Aunt Diane or Uncle Mike. Once again, unchartered territory for this mommy. Neither Ashley nor Spenser had a pacifier. It’s a life saver, but I fear the day it needs to be taken away.

In the world of Brenden, a baby bed has a very small purpose. It is good for some quick naps or for watching a mobile for a short time. But now a big bed right between his Uncle Mike and Aunt Diane is some kind of comfy. He is able to reach over all during the night and touch one of us and know that all is right in the world. Why would anyone want to sleep all alone in a little small bed???? Our age is definitely on his side. We are too old to get up and down so – we oblige. Good thing we have a king size bed so he has plenty room to spread out. Would hate to crowd the little guy!!

In the world of Brenden, bath water should always be christened by urine. Spraying the bather is a plus. I’ve pondered whether it’s just a boy thing or whether I just didn’t know with the girls. You know – was not obvious if they did.
In the world of Brenden, fit throwing includes bowed back and immediate backward hurling of head. I invision some serious headaches in his future. I have experience with breath holding – but not body slamming. This is going to interesting and painful. Sorry for him that we have hard wood floors. Not that he is on the floor very often. He prefers laps.

In the world of Brenden, big sloppy kisses are the best. He loves to just slobber all over your cheeks to give you some super sweet kisses. Some of us are glad to receive those sweet kisses. I think baby kisses are the sweetest things on earth. I love when they know how to love you physically. It just melts my heart for them to snuggle up and kiss on you.

I never dreamed that I would be parenting an infant at 45 years of age. I just know that he is a delight and joy. Yes, he is a handful and my energy level is Not that of a 23 year old mommy, but it is so much more experienced than that mommy of 23 years ago. He has stolen the hearts of my family and look forward to his nights at our house. God has a purpose for him and a purpose for our being involved in his care. We are often asked why. Why do you have him? For how long? We don’t have answers really. We know that when he was growing in his mommy’s womb we were called upon to pray without ceasing for him. We understood that we were being led to provide for him in some way. We don’t know the future. We may be his part time parents for many years. We do know that God has placed him in our lives for this time and we will do what is required of us. We will cherish this time. We will be stretched in ways we never dreamed we would be stretched. We are doing this with the help of lots of people in our family. From my mom, down to Owen, everyone takes part in his care. Psalm 127:3 reminds us that: Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Brenden is a reward. He is a reward to us just as our two biological children and two adopted children. They were given to us as gifts from God. He is a nephew by nature, but a child of our hearts. We will pray that he will also follow scripture and grow in the Lord.

Love you all.


Kim said...

So sweet! What a blessing you are to Brenden! He is so blessed to have you! I love your descriptions! Great job! Love the post!

Robin said...

Great post :) I'd say you're going to spoil him, but you know I really have no room to talk. Babies are so wonderful!