Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday means American Idol

It's Tuesday. I love Tuesday's. We don't follow many television shows at our house. Mike likes fishing and hunting shows and sports. Ashley likes cooking shows. Owen likes cartoons. I like sports. I will watch the Atlanta Braves any day of the week. I will watch the New Orleans Saints every Sunday. I even watched golf on Saturday. Seriously....Golf! I love that Phil Mickelson won. I love that his wife encouraged him to return to golf after her diagnosis with breast cancer. I've seen firsthand how "the beast" affects the entire family. Especially the spouse. I love that he persevered through adversity.

Now to Idol. I love love love American Idol. I love it for more than one reason. I love the music. When I get to Heaven I hope that I get one of those angelic voices! I was not gifted with the talent to sing. I was given the love of music. I tried to fulfill my desire to play piano through my daughters. They tried - they quit. I was disappointed - but they tried. I believe they wish they had continued. But I digress from my point. I love music so therefore I like the show. I even agree with Simon Cowell most of the time. I can 8 times out of ten pick what he is going to say. But that said - those people are the absolute bravest people I know. I would NEVER get on a stage and be judged by Simon. He most certainly scares me. That being said - I face the only judge that counts on a daily basis. Why do I not fear Him the way I should? Why do I get on stage and make a complete idiot of myself on a daily basis. I have habitual sins that I just can't seem to break free from. I don't perform up to His expectations as I should. I most certainly disappoint others. If I were put on television and the audience voted on whether or not I get into Heaven, would I get the votes or be voted off? Do others see Jesus in me? I certainly hope so and I strive to live for Jesus but I am a sinner. Saved by grace but a sinner all the same. I do desire to be held accountable. As uncomfortable as it is - it is my desire.

Now secondly - I love American Idol because it creates family night at my house. Each of us love it. We watch it together. We critique each contestant together. We don't agree on each person - but we agree that we love the show and love watching it. It even buys Owen a later bedtime. It does a family good around our house. I have a few all-time favorites. Glad you asked! Carrie Underwood - love her pure voice. Just beautiful. Mandisa - she was a favorite of mine prior to Idol. I used to listen to her with Travis Cottrell and say that when I get to Heaven I wanted to sing just like her. I am so glad she is making Christian music. What a testimony she has. And last but not least. Kris Allen. I could go back and watch his pre-idol video of "The City" over and over again. I pray that he avoids the worldly influence that he is surrounded by.

There you have it. I love Tuesday night at my house. I love American Idol.

Love to all.

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