Friday, April 9, 2010

Rambles or Rants

Wow! Is it Monday and someone forgot to tell me??? Let's begin with something good. I found a ten dollar bill in my pants pocket this morning. All washed and crisp. Yippee - I love to find lost money. I guess it's not really lost since I didn't actually look for it. But, it's fun to find money. Other good stuff - Owen knew his spelling words and the spelling of his five states for the week. We usually spend our thirty minute ride to school going over test material. I walked a mile last night and slept well. Anytime I sleep well it's a good thing.

And the buck stops here! Rant #1 - Why oh why do I choose to hit the snooze button? Why do I think that 15 extra minutes of sleep will make a difference? It does make a difference though - it makes me rush and it makes me grumpy to have to rush. Self inflicted frustration - crazy just plain crazy. I am already NOT a morning person. I have four children and a husband that will attest to that. I like to wake on my own - and chill out prior to speaking or being spoken to. The night time is a completely different story. I will stay awake forever trying to do or accomplish one more thing or even say or read one more thing. I'm all about nightime. I am way over morning time. It bites me in the rear when I drag around. Had to rush out the door with makeup bag in tow this morning. Of course I needed to go inside the school with no makeup. THEN, the morning just slapped me right square in the face. My car ran hot! White smoke - HOT. Drive to the shop. (still no makeup) New radiator, new fans, blah blah blah blah - A mere $1168.19. It's been a costly month for repairs. New tires for same car. New brakes for same car. Minivan mom is over the repairs on minivan - Seriously! New Hot water heater in house. Dishwasher broke - water line to fridge broke. Should I go on? I'm thinkin I've depressed all two readers by now - so I'll stop. But I did make it to work by now and have put on some makeup so as to not scare the boss away!

Rant #2 - Why do kids think playing dumb is cute? Really - I'm to old for dumb. When your child says "can you get online and say I can have a cheese stick?" - Am I seriously supposed to know what that means? So I question - what - why - when? And I get "what do you mean?" Really???? What do I mean? How about what do YOU mean? I'm losing the ability to read minds with child number 4. I'll spare you the rest of the endless questioning- I gave up and went into the school without makeup and found out for myself - what the heck a cheese stick is and why he needed one. So - you are not left hanging - it's a large breadstick filled with cheese. You can get it for lunch in place of a sandwich. It should not have been difficult to relay to me what the heck a cheese stick is. Ok - done now.

Rant #3 - Three times in the past week I've been afforded the opportunity to get behind a truck with bull testicles hanging from the bumper. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT! I cannot for the life of me understand WHY. Why does someone want to display testicles? I'm clueless on this - and frustrated as well. I'm as country as it gets. You may call me redneck - but I just must draw the line. I want to pull up next to these drivers and ask why - why - why. Really - can anyone really tell me why? I have this conversation with my Oncological Nurse every four months. It's a conspiracy. Each time I have a check up - I see one of these lovely displays just before going in. Without fail - it happens! BTW - she is the one who politely corrected me when I said cow balls! Yes - I know cow's don't have them. hahahahaha at my expense!

Enough rants - I need to save some for next week!

I WILL do taxes this weekend. I may miss having our dear sweet baby this weekend due to, well - lack of minivan to haul all parties in. So - I may actually accomplish those darn taxes that I love so much. Wish me luck on that one.

Ok - I'm off to be constructive.

Love to all!

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