Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog for a cause

I read several blogs and jump around and read others periodically. Most of the time I am sent there from another blog that I read on a regular basis. Earlier this week I received a tweet about this blog giveaway. It is more than a give-a-way. It is an opportunity to make a difference. You can make a very small donation that may save the life of a child. I read through the blog and knew instantly I wanted to make a donation. The story is heartbreaking and one that needs to be shared. I normally would not be giving a carseat much thought, but these days I am in the market for a new one. Our little guy has outgrown his infant seat and needs a big boy seat. I have shopped and shopped and my budget does not allow us to buy the seat of my desires. But after reading about the story of Kyle - I must say I am much more inclined to dig a little deeper and see what can be cut in order to provide the best possible seat for Brenden. I have heard others talk about the Britax seat - but didn't realize until reading this blog that the seat is more than a desire. It is a need. A prize is not the reason one should make a donation, but it is certainly worth making a donation and a prize being gravy. So - for those of you that do read this. Please consider following the site and making a donation for a worthy cause. Below is the link to the blog. Thanks for looking.

Win a cowmooflage Britax Marathon in the KDMF contest here -

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Laura - Ex. Dir. said...

Thank you Diane - that was really lovely to read. Thank you for your support!