Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The beginning of something new.

Well, I've contemplated doing this for a while and here it is. Hopefully I will be able to ramble and ramble and connect with others who experience life as I do. Fast and furious with lots of bumps in the road. Some days - I wonder what on earth God is thinking - that me Diane, can handle this stuff. I am not worthy of His expectations. I am honored that He believes that I can deal with the tough stuff on a regular basis - but somedays I'm just flat tired. I don't want to be tough. But, then I'm reminded that God desires me to be weak - and that maybe my pigheaded self is creating the stress. What happened to fully relying on God? Where is my faith? My former Sunday School teacher, Steve Brock, reminded us often to rest in God. Rest? Reliance requires trust. To fully rely on God we must fully trust God. Why do I lack trust when He has seen me through the storm time and time again? When not trusting one tends to experience a humbling. Somedays I would like to shout - ok I'm humble - I'm humble. I get it. But truly I don't get it. But - I've decided that accountability is the best way for me. It's time to get accountable for lots of things. I hope that I will have friends and family join me in this journey to Survive. Survive myself. My shortcomings. I'm hoping to be accountable to others for much needed exercise and healthy eating. I hate to fail, so hopefully, by putting myself out there I will strive to do my best. To conquer some deamons that seek to test my faith. So - I hope you will join me - help me be accountable and have some fun along the way. I hope you will be willing to share some funny memories on Monday's. Share some Tough Stuff on Thursdays and also swap some great recipes and meal plans on Saturday's. Those are the tentative plans. Obviously subject to change at a moment's notice! But here it goes. Blog post #1. Love to all of you!

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